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This page gives an overview of capital allowances, for you to get an idea of whether your company might qualify for this government scheme

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What are capital allowances?

Who can claim capital allowances?

Louise has always been terrific to work with and has achieved fantastic results in claiming available capital allowances across different sectors.

Peter 'Harry' HarrisDirector, SUSD.London

How are capital allowances calculated?

Examples of assets that commonly qualify for 18% allowances

Fire alarms
Demountable partitions
Sanitary fittings
Furniture and fittings
Catering equipment
Dock levellers
Manufacturing equipment
Swimming pools

Examples of integral features (IFs) that qualify for 6% allowances

Electrical systems
Hot and cold water systems
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)
External solar shading
Solar panels

RDAs can be claimed on all associated capital costs in creating the physical space that the R&D is taking place in.
The Year 1 R&D allowance is 100%

Have you changed anything about the way you make or do something?
Have you added to your technical knowledge in the process?
And have you had to overcome challenges to make those changes work?

Key aspects of tax relief under the new structures and buildings allowances (SBAs) category of capital allowances

Contracts entered into after 29 October 2018
Relief given at 3% straight line basis
Lands costs and planning fees are excluded
Expenditure on residential (dwellings) is excluded
SBAs cannot be set against the AIA
An allowance statement will be required by HMRC if a valid claim is to be made
When a property is sold, unused SBAs will pass to the new owner and the seller will keep what they have claimed so far

Why are so many capital allowances not claimed?

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